Emma Guy

Emma Guy

My name is Emma Guy, and I am 51-years-old. In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after a successful mastectomy and reconstruction of my right breast, I was plunged into a surgical menopause.

Why Join A Menopause Support Group?


What is a menopause support group?

 The menopause is one of those topics that are still difficult for women to talk about, especially to friends and relatives who aren’t experiencing it. It’s not exactly taboo, but most of us are reluctant to discuss our hot flushes and depression and that can leave us feeling isolated and alone.


Fortunately, unlike our mothers and grandmothers we can now voice our concerns, share our experiences and find all the information we need through a menopause support group.


A menopause support group does exactly what it says on the tin. It offers you support on all things menopause.


It’s a place where you can discuss your symptoms and concerns, share your experiences and find expert advice, whether you are perimenopausal, going through the menopause, or just need to be armed with information.


Menopause support brings women together, raises awareness of the topic and allows you to share your feelings, helping you to navigate your way through this important but sometimes traumatic time of your life.

What are the benefits of joining a menopause support group?

The first benefit is knowing that you are not alone and knowing there are others out there who are going through a similar experience. The second reason is that you can talk about the menopause with no holds barred. You are free to discuss honestly whatever you like without judgement. The menopause support group will give you a platform where you can voice all your concerns and tell others your story. It reminds you that you are fabulous and unique. You could be someone who is going through the menopause at an early age, or someone who has come through and can share inspiring stories of life after the menopause. Whoever you are, you’ll be welcome.


The menopause support group is also a brilliant place to find out about coping strategies, about ways in which those myriad symptoms can be managed, not only through sharing information but through events. Many menopause groups invite guest speakers to come along to talk on relevant subjects, ranging from how acupuncture can help hot flushes, to how diet and exercise can help you cope with mood swings.


The menopause support group is a place you can be open and frank about the consequences of the menopause and the detrimental effect it can have on relationships. A declining interest in the physical side of your relationship can have a huge impact, especially when a partner isn’t supportive but this is something that you can explore freely in a support group.



The menopause support group exists to change the narrative around menopause. It’s there to help you gain confidence, so often lost at this time of life, and instead of feeling that it’s something to feel embarrassed about, help you to own it! Ultimately, It’s a safe space where everyone is going through or has been through the same thing and you become part of a community that truly understands what you are experiencing.

Who can join a menopause support group?

Any woman who is going through the menopause, has experienced the menopause or is in the perimenopause stage of her life.

How does a menopause support group work?

It is arguably the existence of the internet that has brought the menopause out into the open. You don’t have to rock up at a meeting in a draughty church hall to meet other women in the same situation, you can just log on and discover a supportive community that empowers menopausal women to self-manage as well as to share their knowledge with others.


The way it works is simple. If you are on the menopause the chances are you are suffering from any of these symptoms – or all of them and more:


      Hot flushes

      Night sweats

      Difficulty sleeping

      Low mood or anxiety

      Reduced sex drive

      Problems with memory and concentration


If that is the case, it’s time to contact a menopause group – a safe space where you can share your experiences and receive help and advice.


Once you become part of the community you’ll:


      Have access to all kinds of advice and information.

      You will be able to make contact with a variety of menopause experts. These could be people who can tell you all about alternative therapies to someone who can talk you through how to dress for the menopause.

      You will be able to make contact with other women currently going through the menopause who can offer their support and understanding.

      You’ll be able to make regular contact on social media channels.

      You will be part of a movement changing the negative messages surrounding the menopause.


The advantages of an online menopause support group are:


      You can be anonymous.

      You’ll meet other women from all walks of life.

      You can take part at any time.

      You’ll have access to experts from all over the world.

      Everyone will be, or will have gone through a similar experience.

      It’s a relatively easy way to take back control.

      You can be yourself.

      You can get help when you most need it.

      You don’t have to commit to regular meetings at regular times.

      There’s usually someone around to deal with your worries as and when they happen.



The menopause support group is a lifeline for any woman who feels that a visit to her GP and a prescription for HRT isn’t enough to help her through. It’s there to blast misconceptions and empower those who take part, usually with plenty of humour and friendship along the way. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take ownership of your menopause!

The Menopausal Godmother

If you are looking for a Menopause Support Group, The Menopausal Godmother could be exactly what you need. The Menopausal Godmother is a group of experts from diet experts, to acupuncture. This group, combined with many likeminded women currently going through the same situation as you can help support you through this journey. If you would like to subscribe today, you can do so here. I’m also @menogodmum across all social media channels if you would like to find out more information. 

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