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Menopause Support

The menopausal godmother is a community and safe place to discuss, find advice and seek support for menopausal related issues and symptoms.

My Story

In 2016 I was plunged into surgical menopause. I didn’t know where to turn. Nobody should have to go through the same lost feeling I did, which is why I started this community.


The Menopausal Godmother support group grants you access to experts that can offer you advice, as well as other women going through the same daily struggles you are.


An Online Menopause Support Community

The Menopausal Godmother is an online menopause support community which offers support and advice to anyone who needs it. The main community, the private Facebook page, can be accessed by subscribing here. There are plenty of free resources offering help, tips and advice too. We have a section of the website dedicated to the Menopausal Godmother’s  wisdoms, a Facebook page,Twitter page, and an Instagram page.


The Menopausal Godmothers’ members consist of women going through the menopause, as well as ‘Godmothers’, such as Emma, who are experts in their field and can adapt their expertise to help manage menopause symptoms.


The Godmothers range from acupuncturists, who can offer advice around acupuncture for menopause, reflexology and alternative methods of treatment that may be in their realm, to dietitians who can help combat common side effects of the menopause like losing weight during the menopause, combatting things like dizziness with diet and general dietary advice.


Visit our ‘how it works‘ page to learn a little more about how the Menopausal Godmother can help you.

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