Emma Guy

Emma Guy

My name is Emma Guy, and I am 51-years-old. In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after a successful mastectomy and reconstruction of my right breast, I was plunged into a surgical menopause.

The Wisdoms Of The Menopausal Godmother

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The Wisdoms Of The Menopausal Godmother

Emma Guy, aka, The Menopausal Godmother has a story to tell. It’s one of life changing circumstances and how positivity and a little help from friends can support women of all ages through the menopause. 

Emma will give you a different perspective on how to thrive as she has treated over 1,000 ladies going through menopause in her acupuncture clinics. 

Her journey will strike a chord with any woman going through the menopause naturally or, like Emma, surgically after breast cancer. 

Acupuncturists can also learn how to use the ‘Guy Protocol‘ to get clinically proven results with patients suffering menopausal symptoms – including the dreaded hot sweats.

Who Is This Book For? 

The Menopausal Godmother is for women of all ages going through the menopause. It dives into Emma’s story, offering friendly tips and advice along the way.

If you have found yourself wondering where to look for support and guidance through the menopause, The Wisdoms Of The Menopausal Godmother is a great place to start.

Why Emma Wrote The Wisdoms Of The Menopausal Godmother

There are lots of misconceptions about menopause. Occasionally, even from doctors. Therefore, having been through the menopause herself and delivering acupuncture to over 1000 women, Emma is in a position to offer tips, advice and support to those in need. 

Emma’s mission is to change the narrative around menopause. Sharing her story has given her a chance to explain what she has been through and will change your perspective on how to thrive during menopause. By sharing stories, and gaining confidence to speak about menopause, the narrative can be changed.

A Bit More About Emma

After spending the past couple of years researching groups that support women going through the menopause, Emma decided to start her own after realising just how many reinforce negative stereotypes. 

Her goal is to change the narrative. However, not through fairy tales, but by passing on friendly, factual advice that you can rely on and with the help of other godmothers.

In 2016, Emma was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after a successful mastectomy and breast reconstruction, she was plunged into surgical menopause. For good measure, every one of the 37 symptoms came rushing at her!

The menopausal godmother

Release Date 

The wait is almost over! Emma has been perfecting The Wisdoms Of The Menopausal Godmother for well over a year. It will be released on 1st April 2021.

The Menopausal Godmother Subscription Group 

The Menopausal Godmother also offers a subscription service that gives you access to a community of women going through the menopause, as well as different godmothers with different expertise. Find out more about how it works.

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