How long does menopause last?

It’s the one question many women ask, especially if they’re suffering from myriad symptoms of the menopause. You may think that when your periods become erratic and you start to experience hot flushes and night sweats then you’re on the menopause but in fact, you’re probably undergoing what is called the perimenopause. Perimenopause (peri means… Continue reading How long does menopause last?

What Are The 34 Symptoms of the Menopause

Yes 34 symptoms – and counting. The menopause isn’t a simple condition with a one size fits all solution. There are symptoms you may have heard about – hot flushes, irregular periods and mood swings but that tingly skin sensation and lapse of concentration you’re experiencing could also be caused by the hormonal changes you’re… Continue reading What Are The 34 Symptoms of the Menopause

What Is Menopause?

Around 50 per cent of the world’s population will go through the menopause and yet it’s an experience that leaves some women feeling isolated in so many ways. Until recently, it was rarely discussed openly and usually whispered about as ‘the change’ or change of life. Something to be endured in stoic silence. Of course,… Continue reading What Is Menopause?

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